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Hello again :-). I’m pretty tired today….it’s a lot muggier than usual and I’ve done a fair bit of commuting with my bicycle. It’s about 3km from the city to the centre and I generally do that trip two or three times a day. Its a tough ride because the track is dirt road and […]

Still here!

Ive moved out of the Khemara hotel and am staying at a local’s house with another one of the volunteers at the centre. It’s great because it means I’m closer to the centre and I’m saving lots of money because the stay is free :-). Downside is that I don’t have wifi access in the […]

On the mend

I’m pleased to say that the eye infection is slowly resolving. The eye drops and the antibiotics are thankfully doing the trick and I’m definitely feeling less anxious about it all. By lunchtime the eye had started to open again and so I was able to head over to the Centre to do some work. […]

Not such a good night…

The eye irritation that I alluded to in the last post has progressed into a very painful eye infection and it happened in a matter of hours. Eye is very swollen and won’t open. Pain last night was unbearable, like razoblades in my eyeball. Ended up calling a Cambodian doctor who prescribed some penicillin and […]

Meet and Greet!

After an extremely arduous travel experience (and can I suggest you NEVER opt for the overland travel into Cambodia), I made it into Battambang about 5 hours later than expected. Luck has it that the bank claimed no responsibility for the ATM that choked on my card and hence my St. George Visa has disappeared […]

Day One – arrival.

So, Nina has done it again. Day one and Ive already got myself into trouble. After a nice, comfortable and entertaining flight courtesy of Emirates (or as Ally prefers to call them, Arab Airlines), I spent the next 3.5 hours in the back of a cab that I chartered from Bangkok airport, bound for the […]